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New Edition of RuneQuest?!?

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Mongoose Publishing is releasing a new version of the RuneQuest RPG next year - and we would like your input!

If you wish to be involved in the game's design and balancing, please drop me a line at spare@mongoosepublishing.com, letting me know a) what it is about the previous editions you most liked and b) what you would like to see in the new edition. From these we'll pick the gamers who are obviously avid RuneQuest fans and ask them to join us for design comments and playtesting.

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Hi guys,

A lot of questions - I thought it may be interesting to some but still . . .

It will not be d20/OGL. It will be a completely new system that will look and smell like the original. However, it will also be a little less 'eighties' and more streamlined. Don't get too worried at this point, you will still be able to deftly parry or nimbly dodge attacks - it will just happen a lot faster. It was the 'tooing and froing' nature of RQ combats that got us interested in the first place. Magic is the biggest area that is facing change right now but we are still just throwing around playtest ideas.

Glorantha will be the first setting released (independantly from the main rulebook, incidentally, which we are intending to be a very cheap hardback), but we want to explore all sorts of areas with RQ and other settings will follow very quickly. King Arthur's Britain is one being talked about at the moment (the realistic Arthur, not shining knights Arthur).

Hope that helps!
Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing
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