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Magic items & found items

Since this community has been dead for so long, here are some magic items and found items that I whipped up for The Chaos Project on my site.

Magic Items:
Wooden Puzzle, unique
Description: 1d20+20 heavy wooden pieces.
Powers: Assembling the puzzle takes one hour per try, after which an INT x 1 roll must be made. Any number of attempts may be made. Once the puzzle has been assembled, it turns out to be a life-sized humanoid head, which animates. It is inhabited by a spirit, INT 20, POW 20, who knows 1d10+10 spells. The spirit willingly serves the one who assembled the puzzle. It can answer questions (it is highly intelligent, and may have some oracular ability at the GM's option), cast spells, provide magic points (since it is effectively bound by the puzzle-solver)...the only thing it cannot do is give its true name. Nor do Command (Spirit) spells of any type work on it. Once it has performed 10+1d10 services for the assembler, the head immediately sneezes and flies into 1d20+20. The configuration of these pieces are always different from the last time (and every time before). The head is, naturally, deactivated and the spirit effectively disappears until the head is reassembled.
History: No one knows.
Notes/Warnings: The head may also react and sneeze (thereby disassembling) in the presence of one or more GM-determined rare substances, words, or persons.

Skin-changing potion
This potion causes the drinker to regenerate all of their skin in a 24-hour period. The new skin grows in under the old, which flakes off painlessly (although the effect can be rather gross). All scars and tattoos are lost.
The new skin looks younger and healthier than the old skin, increasing APP by 1.
This potion is worth huge sums to wealthy, older nobles.

Temporary healing potions
These poorly-made potions heal damage, but the effect only lasts for 1d10 rounds, minutes, or hours, after which all of the damage reappears. If other types of healing are applied as well, they take priority.

A biographical scroll, unique
Description: An ordinary-looking scroll in a plain case. It detects as magical.
Powers: The scroll contains the life story of the person who owns it. It is historically accurate. However, it also includes the future life and death of the reader. These are entirely speculative (although they are written as if they were already accomplished), and have no effect on the actual life of the character - apart from any incidental fear or life-altering decisions, of course. If the scroll is given to anyone else, the text does not change until A) it has been in the possession of its new owner for 24 hours, and B) it has been rolled up - the text never changes while it is being watched.

Found Items:

  • 1d100+20 twigs covered in birdlime - a STR 5 glue.

  • A bright light is shining directly overhead. It is not the sun, nor does it have any visible physical source. It appears to be 1d100+20 meters up, and perhaps 10 meters round; a roughly circular patch.

  • Everyone looks subtly different here. It must be a trick of the light. The effect fades in 1d10 rounds.

  • A big stick which has been chewed by very lage and sharp teeth.

  • A partially-melted quartz crystal the size and approximate shape of a human palm. It is a natural x3 magnifier, and an effective firestarter.

  • 1d6+2 steel burrs. Very annoying; they cause 1d4 damage, but each round they continue to penetrate all but solid metal armor and do damage. Each point of damage they cause also subtracts 1% from the victim's chance to do anything, due to the pain. If the burrs are removed, the penalty stops. It takes 1d4 unimpeded rounds and a DEX x 5 roll to remove a burr from an easily reachable part of the body; Burrs in hard-to-reach spots (at the GM's option) may reduce the chance to DEX x 3 or even lower. A fumble causes 1d4 damage unabsorbed by armor. Others may remove burrs at a DEX x 10 chance.

  • An animal-shaped cloud.

  • A mist cloud, 1d10+3 meters across and high, which stains everything that is in it for at least one round a random color.

  • Berry bushes which stain anything that brushes against them a dark purple. The stain also has a smell that attracts bugs.

  • A chair covered with STR 14 glue

  • There's hair or fur everywhere. It looks like it snowed around here!

  • Giant claws, apparently discarded. A critical Animal Lore reveals the source is a ______.

  • Steel boots. Incredibly heavy; they each have an ENC of 20. They have 14 AP.

I tend to make these up when I'm bored; during long meetings, for example.

Incidentally, anyone can add their own items to the Chaos Project.
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